Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamsters

Mesocricetus auratus

Syrian Hamster Diet

Syrian Hamsters are omnivores, which means they need a variety of foods. They can be selective feeders so and is important to wait until they empty their bowl before refilling so they are not just eating their favourites. If you are ever in doubt of a foods suitability simply check online at a reputable source before feeding it.

Syrian Hamsters do hoard food, so it is essential to be aware of where they are stashing this, both to keep conditions in their cage sanitary and to ensure your pet is getting a balanced diet and you aren't overfeeding.


Should always be available and changed daily. A bowl or bottle is fine for this, if using the latter just keep a careful eye on them as they can get clogged.

Seed mix

A good quality hamster mix. Many commercially available foods include a lot of 'filler' items that are not high in nutritional value so it's important to find a good quality mix.


Small amounts of fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs. Foods that are high in water content should be given sparingly due to the diarrhoea risk. Items like cucumber can be placed in a hamster carrier during a long journey where other water sources cannot be given.

Do not feeds citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons or grapefruits.


A small amount of protein can be given on a semi-regular basis, items such as mealworms, cheese, monkeynuts and scrambled egg.


Timothy hay is a good quality variety of hay that is high in fibre and provides additional enrichment for small pets.


Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, mealworms, cooked soya beans (thought to reduce the likelihood of tumours), stale or toasted wholemeal bread as well as pet-shop treats that aren't too high in sugar.

Tempting food

If you have an ill pet, you may need to try the following to build weight back up. Some items, such as the mousse, are also useful if you need to conceal the harsh taste of medication.

You can also attempt adding some water to their dry mix and microwaving it to make it more tempting.

  • Scrambled egg, nuts, mealworms, sunflower seeds, lean boiled chicken.
  • Banana, fresh basil, curly kale, pureeing/overboiling vegetables.
  • Warm milk and cous-cous, rich tea biscuits or bread soaked in milk.
  • Complan - human build-up drink, available in boots/superdrug.
  • Chocolate mousse - brilliant for hiding medication in and tempting ill pets.