Fancy Mouse

Fancy Mice

Mus musculus (domesticated form)

Fancy Mice Colours

Fancy Mice colours are usually divided into five varieties, as set in the Standards published by the National Mouse Club. Mouse eyes can be either black or red, with the term "pink eye" covering all shades between pink and red. The recognised varieties are as follows:

  • Selfs: Mouse is the same, solid colour on top, belly and sides. Recognised colours are Black; Blue; Champagne; Chocolate; Cream; Dove; Fawn; Red; Silver; White and Lilac.
  • Tans: Recognised colour on top, with a tan belly (Black Tan; Blue Tan; Dove Tan; Silver Tan; Silver Grey Tan)
  • Marked: Marked mice are a standard colour with combinations on white in various patterns (Dutch; Even; Broken; Variegated; Himalayan; Rumpwhite, Tricolour, Banded and Hereford).
  • Satin: Satin mice have a highly glossy coat with a metallic like sheen (Argente Satin; Dove Satin; Fawn Satin; Ivory Satin).
  • AOV: Any other variety. This encompasses all other standardised varieties that have not be separately classified (Agouti; Cinnamon; Silver Agouti; Sable; Marten Sable; Pearl; Argente; Silver Grey, Brown or Fawn; Argente Cream; Astrex; Silver Fox; Seal Point Siamese; Blue Point Siamese; Himalayan; Longhaired; Brindle).

Non-standardised fancy mice colours include Blue Agouti, Burmese, Blue Burmese, Sable and Stone.

Coat Types

  • Standard: sometimes referred to as the 'wild type'.
  • Angora: May be shown as longhaired, depending on what the club recognises. Can comprise other aspect of coat type such as Angora Satin, Angora Rex (known as Texel), Angora Fuzzy.
  • Longhaired: May be classified as Angora. Colour as any standardised variety, coat to be long and silky in nature.
  • Astrex: Curly coat and whiskers.
  • Hairless: as hairless as possible with clear, bright skin.
  • Abyssinian: Not yet standardised so classified as pet type only. Abyssinian mice have 'rosettes' or 'swirls' in their coat in various size and numbers across their body.