Winter WhiteHamster

Winter White Hamsters

Phodopus sungorus

Breeding Winter White Hamsters

Breeding Winter whites should be done with great care, due to prevelance of hybrids. It is vital that the Winter Whites are pure-breed, as the hybridisation between Winter Whites and Campbells poses a risk to the overall fertility and health of the breed.

Some research suggests that whilst Winter whites are in their winter coat they are sterile, although this may be more due to the fact they are seasonal breeders with a period of October through to May.

Although Winter whites are sexually mature at around 4-6 weeks, they should breed for the first time between 4-6 months of age. Litter sizes are around 4-6 with a gestation of around 18-21 days. The male can be left in to help rear the litter, but this should only be done if suitable homes are lined up for a second litter since they will mate again soon after the birth of the first.

Pups will wean at around 3-4 weeks and will need separating out into same sex groups at this time. They are ready to be rehomed at 6-8 weeks of age.