Zebra Mouse

Zebra Mice

Lemniscomys barbarus

Handling & Taming Zebra Mice

Handling Zebra mice can be difficult, especially initially due to a nervous disposition. At first Zebra mice may only flee when you come near, making normal attempts to entice them with food a bit futile. You will need to be patient and get them used to both your voice and scent before handling them.

To begin handling Zebra mice cup both hands round either side of your mouse and lift but be careful that it does not jump since they are unable to judge the distance from the ground. You may need to corner your Zebra mouse in the tank to be able to do this. You can also try to train your mouse to walk into a toilet tube or similar, when they have entered carefully pick up whilst blocking both exits. You can then place on a safe surface or block one end and place your hand at the other.

Zebra mouse tails are very fragile, so never pick them up by these as it may break. A broken tail does not regrow. If needed they can be held gently using two fingers at the scruff on the back of their neck to inspect for illness or injury.

Zebra mice are a beautiful creature and are fascinating to watch. Some animals may never accustom themselves to being handled however, so they are generally more of a pet to watch than to interact with.