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Crittery was set up in 2007 to provide a useful resource regarding common and exotic rodents and small mammals with an aim to improve animal welfare and knowledge. A significant number of pet shops are supplied by rodent farms and often give out incorrect, and sometimes, dangerous advice. Crittery is peer-reviewed and updated as new information comes to light.

Crittery receives no sponsorship from any brands and the information presented here is neutral and impartial. Please consider supporting our ongoing education and rescue work by donating to our rescue animals

Be aware that exotic rodents and mammals will require a high level of attention and care, tend to have longer lifespans and may have complicated dietary and environmental needs. This site is UK based and therefore may contain information on pets that are restricted in other locations.

We support ethical breeding providing animals are kept in enriching habitats without overcrowding and breeding is done for the purpose of improving health and temperament with aesthetics as secondary.

Christine is an experienced content writer who has written multiple animal care courses and articles and can be contacted for custom items.

Want to Write for Us? we are always on the look out to expand our animal care knowledge base, so please feel free to send your article ideas and suggestions in for consideration for our Media Section.

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