Fancy Mouse

Fancy Mice

Mus musculus (domesticated form)

Handling & Taming Fancy Mice

Handling pet mice is easily done especially if you have obtained them from a good rescue centre or ethical breeder. Some mice can be shy but most will become used to you over time.

Give your new mice time to settle in to their new environment and interact with them by talking to them and offering treats through the bars of your cage. Please note that taming your mice will be much harder if you have a tank as you approach your mice from above which is what a predator would do. Taming your mice will also very difficult if they are stressed by a too small or unsuitable cage such as Rotastak. See details on pet mice environment for details.

Handling pet mice can begin after a few days, try exclusively hand-feeding certain treats such as millet, pumpkin seeds and dried mealworms. They will soon learn that they must approach you to obtain these. Leave your hand resting on the cage floor and wait for them to start sniffing and climb on your hand. You can then gently lift this up and bring them out.

Other mice may need to be trained to enter a toilet tub or container that you place in their cage so you can lift up once they are inside. Make sure you block both ends as you lift. Pet mice may occasionally nip if frightened or handled roughly but this is rare.

Unlike some rodents, mice can safely be held by their tail if needed. This should only be done if other options fail and you must hold at the very base of their tail and support the rest of their body to avoid injury.