Acacia Rat

Acacia Rats

Thallomys paedulucus

Acacia Rats Environment

Acacia rats are excellent climbers and need a vivarium or cage with plenty of height and room for climbing. They are very active, curious rodents and so will need plenty of room and toys to keep them occupied. They are also social rodents so should not be kept alone, however adult introductions can be troublesome so are best done by someone experienced in this species.

They will need multiple nests, such as woven grass nests, wooden boxes, or terracotta pots. This should be placed at various heights in their enclosure, with some animals preferring the highest vantage point to nest in. Some hideouts may be used purely to stash food, but multiple options should always be given.

They enjoy using hay as nesting material so a decent level of this should be given, along with some shredded paper or bedding. They don't do much burrowing so their base substrate does not need to be too deep, and they do not have a strong scent so can be cleaned out about fortnightly. Nesting areas may need spot cleaning more often, especially if your Acacia rats like taking their fruit inside.

Wooden branches are ideal, ropes and tunnels also make excellent toys. Acacia rats are very intelligent so you can also make use of some natural enrichment such as drilling holes in a branch and hiding food inside. Commercially bought metal food toys can also provide this. Rope toys designed for parrots can be well received, and you can also make your own using pet safe materials such as sisal rope and pet fleece.