Zebra Mouse

Zebra Mice

Lemniscomys barbarus

Zebra Mice Behaviour

Zebra mice behaviour can be quite nervous, especially at first. Try to keep their cage in a darker section of your room and ensure they have plenty of items or nests to conceal themselves in.

Zebra mice are best kept in same sex groups with females tending to get along better than males. Introducing Zebra Mice is extremely tricky, since they can be very vicious towards each other. It is much better to start off with littermates to keep a stable group.

Zebra mice may not accept another mouse as introductions can be difficult. Some keepers have mentioned co-habiting Zebra mice and spiny mice together in this instance, to avoid the Zebra mouse being solitary. However this can be dangerous and lead to miscommunication, and can never substitute fully for company of their own kind. It is also something that should only be attempted by experienced keepers.

If startled, Zebra mice can jump up to two feet off the ground so be careful with disturbing them. Like all rodents, it is important to make sure they are used to your voice and movements so it will not be stressful for them when you are cleaning them out or changing food or water. They are active at different times throughout both day and night.

Although handling zebra mice is not always easy, some Zebra mice behaviour can seem affectionate and keen to be held. This will vary by temperament and it is important to find an ethical breeder to increase this possibility.