Tamias (genus)

Chipmunks Environment

They require a large, well ventilated cage, a minimum of three foot high. The best option for them if possible is a large, outdoor aviary with multiple sections if breeding so the breeding pair can be housed separately during mating season. If constructing your own indoor aviary a pull out tray is vital to make cleaning day much easier. Chicken wire should not be used since Chipmunks can chew through this and if breeding then you must ensure you use a very fine mesh so pups cannot escape.

They must have plenty of climbing material such as branches, rope ladders and parrot toys. You can also supply a deep container or box filled with earth for digging. A large solid-based wheel makes an excellent addition to help them burn off some of their masses of energy!

You should supply one nestbox per Chipmunk, ideally placed at similar heights around the cage. These should only be cleaned out twice a year, and not if you have a pregnant or lactating female.