Octodon Degu

Degu Behaviour

Degu are full of energy and curiosity. They need plenty of space and items to explore. A solid-based metal wheel is essential to keep them occupied. Burrowing is another favourite activity, so it's good to have extra space allowed for this. A dust bath can help them to clean themselves. In hotter months, you can place the sand in the fridge to cool off before adding to the dish.

Although naturally diurnal, your Degu may adapt to your own routines and will also be matching their activity to the temperatures around them - in hot days, they will be more active in the early morning and evening when it is cooler.

Degu are very intelligent and social animals, they can learn their names and some voice commands. They can be extremely destructive and get bored easily, needing plenty of enrichment offering opportunities to chew, burrow and find hidden food items. A stressed or bored Degu may begin to pull out their fur, this can also be a sign that they are in a cage that is too small for them.

Degus are extremely vocal. They will squeak and bark, to each other and to get your attention. They also beat and drum their tail. The urgency and body posture will help you learn what sounds mean excitement, happiness fear or aggression. Chittering sounds to each other may form part of play-fighting, more serious fighting involves deeper grunts and should be investigated. Degu can fight for dominance, over items, and males over females.