Asian Garden Dormice

Asian Garden Dormice

Eliomys melanurus

Overview of Asian Garden Dormice

Asian Garden Dormice are also known as Asiatic Garden Dormice and AGD. They are a rodent within the dormice family and are significantly larger than African Pygmy Dormice at around 10-15cm in length plus 8-14cm for their long fluffy tail.

In the wild Asian Garden Dormice are common to the Middle East and North Africa.

Their most noticeable feature is the dark spectacles around the eyes and more upright, larger ears than some other dormice species. They look very similar to the European Garden Dormice but can be identified from them by their mostly black tail which greys at the base. The European Garden Dormouse has a brown, black and white tail.

In the pet trade, they are quite rare which is reflected in their high price tag. Vocalisations include whistles, barks, and grunts during their nocturnal activities. In captivity they can be expected to live around 5-6 years.

An Asian Garden Dormouse needs a large habitat with plenty of branches, ropes and other climbing material. Temperature must be monitored to avoid risk of torpor.

Although progress is being made with new litters, most Garden Dormice are not easy to handle. If issueing warning barks or growls do not work, an Asian Garden Dormouse has quite a powerful bite.

Like other dormice species an Asian Garden Dormice's Diet needs to be varied, it is important to meet their nectar needs and offer a variety of suitable foods.