African Pygmy Dormouse

African Pygmy Dormice

Graphiurus Murinus

African Pygmy Dormice Behaviour

African Pygmy Dormice behaviour is very fast and agile, they are lively and enquiring creatures who are hugely active at dusk and dawn. This means they need a great deal of enrichment, nests, climbing and places to hide to reduce the risks of fighting and to keep them content. African Pygmy Dormice are generally a shy rodent although some can grow to become more confident and familiar with humans through regular interaction. This will vary from animal to animal with the majority being too swift and shy so they are best considered an animal to watch rather than interact with due to their levels of stress. Those that can be handled will be keener on climbing over their human and hiding in pockets and are unlikely to stay still and be stroked. Bonding pouches or pockets can be used though care must be taken due to their small size and speed.

African Pygmy Dormice are not keen on being touched although they may be happy taking food from familiar hands. They are extremely curious and do seem fascinated by voices. You can obtain a red light to view during the darker hours when they become most active to allow them to keep their natural routine, as they are very sensitive to the light.


African Pygmy Dormouse sounds include an insect-like twitter, an enquiring 'thrumming' sound, and a sharp bark when distressed. The sounds are surprisingly loud for such small creatures with some colonies being extremely vocal. 

African Pygmy Dormice Calling

African Pygmy Dormice Feeding Pups