Multimammate Mice

Multimammate Mice

Mastomys natalensis

Handling & Taming Multimammate Mice

Multimammate mice can be difficult pets to tame, due to the way they are bred. If you have managed to find a pet breeder with good lines, then you may have calmer mice.

Though Multimammate mice are far more likely to bite than fancy mice, it is unfair to call them more aggressive. In general, they have had far less contact with humans and therefore still retain more innate fear of us. Spending regular time talking to your multimammate mice in a calm voice and encouraging them to take treats from your hand can build trust.

Multimammate mice are best to train to walk into a toilet tube and be lifted up to start handling outside the cage. Do not reach in and grab your multimammate, or chase them round the cage as this will only scare them.