African Pygmy Mice

African Pygmy Mice

Mus minutoides

African Pygmy Mice Diet

An African Pygmy Mouse diet should be varied with care taken to ensure good health. They have a very high metabolism and do eat and drink a large amount relative to their size. It is vital that the diet for an African Pygmy Mouse includes animal protein for example, since a lack of this can lead to cannibalism.


Must be available at all times. It is important to either use a more shallow dish than most ceramic rodent dishes, or to leave a stack of pebbles or similar to allow them to climb out as African Pygmy Mice can drown in normal water bowls.


A good quality Finch, Canary and parakeet seed mix with additional millet is an essential part of their diet. Some keepers have had success with Linseed. Occasional safflower and sunflower seeds can be added, larger seeds like wheat or rolled seeds don't seem to be popular.


Mealworms can be offered on occasion or crushed cat food or a good brand of dog kibble.

Egg Food and Insectivore mix

Egg food can be a good addition to their diet as well as a good insectivore mix such as Bogena Universal.


Apples, small cuttings of cucumber and carrot are good additions. Remember to replace fresh greens and fruit on a regular basis so they do not spoil.