Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski Hamsters

Phodopus roborovskii

Breeding Roborovski Hamsters

Roborovski hamsters reach sexual maturity at 5 weeks but should not breed until at least 4 months of age. 

It is often thought that Robo's are colony breeders, and seasonal. However, this is not always the case. Roborovski's pair up readily and will breed freely in a group. The dominant female may or may not allow the young to survive but it is impossible to track the parents in a colony setting. Roborovski females will breed most times of the year indoors, due to central heating and all year round lighting.

Gestation of Roborovski hamsters is the longest of any hamster at 20-22 days and the female will often become aggressive towards the male and banish him from the nest in the days proceeding the birth. Litter sizes are around 4-6.

It's sensible to keep them seperate from any males until 4 months of age to ensure they are fully grown and have the resources to give to their pups. Porridge or baby food can be given to youngsters from 3 weeks old and the addition of cucumber every few days during that week helps to keep them hydrated. Not too much, to avoid diarrhoea and remember to remove old pieces of veg after a few hours. Roborovski pups are weaned at 4-4.5 weeks and can then be separated out into same-sex groups. They can go to new homes at 6-7 weeks.