Mediterranean Lemming

Mediterranean Lemmings

Microtus Guentheri

Overview of Mediterranean Lemmings

The information on these pages refers to the less widely available Mediterranean Lemming which is also known as Gunthers Vole. The most commonly available vole is currently the Steppe Lemmings.

The Mediterranean Lemming is somewhat larger and more round in shape than the Steppe with an average lifespan of between 2 years. They are a rich dark brown with a short stub of a tail. A typical adult would weigh in the region of 50g and measure around 14cm.

Mediterranean Lemmings are keen burrowers and are best kept in a large tank or vivarium with a good layer of substrate such as aspen, megazorb or wood chips. Peat cannot be used due to the moisture buildup. Large cardboard and ceramic tubes can be given to help replicate a wild environment. The must have a constant supply of good quality hay such as timothy hay.

They do not seem as docile as the Steppe lemmings but can be easily handled. Water must be given in a bottle or in a bowl high up as they will continually bury it and even walk through.

Mediterranean Lemmings are also sugar intolerent and the main bulk of their diet should compose of grass, alfalfa and garden greens. They must not have fruit, peanuts or sunflower seeds.