Harvest Mouse

Harvest Mice

Micromys minutus

Sexing Harvest Mice

Sexing harvest mice can be done from 4 weeks, and can be tricky due to their size. A glass sexing jar can be used, or if you have a mesh lid careful observation whilst they climb around on it. Experienced rodent handlers can try lifting by the base of the tail to check underneath but this must be done with great care.

Sexing harvest mice is easier from the age of 8 weeks old, and are unlikely to breed before the age of 10 weeks.

Female harvest mice are called does and male harvest mice are called bucks.

  • Males: Have a bulge at the base of their tail. This is easier to see on older animals.
  • Females : Have obvious nipples. This is more apparent with older animals, and are most prominent if pregnant or nursing.

Main Method

Similar to most rodents the distance between urinary and anal openings is much smaller in females.