Spiny Mouse

Spiny Mice

Acomys (genus), Acomys cahirinus dimediatus (Arabian Spiny mouse), Acomys cahir­i­nus (Egyptian Spiny Mouse)

Spiny Mice Diet

Spiny mice are sadly prone to diabetes so their diet must be carefully monitored. Fatty treats such as peanuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds should only be offered occasionally. As well as the obesity risk, a diet too high in fat will also make your spinies coat very greasy.


This can be offered in bottle or bowl, ask your breeder or rescue contact what your animals are used to. You will need to change this frequently and ensure it is somewhere where it cannot be buried.

Seed mix

Gerri Gerbil can provide a good base mix for spiny mice, mixed with a budgie mix and oats and plain cornflakes. You can also mix in a good quality cat or dog kibble.


Spiny mice particularly enjoy chasing live crickets and locusts. Canned (dried) crickets and mealworms are also available for those unhappy feeding live.


Items such as apple, broccoli,carrot can be offered infrequently.