Multimammate Mice

Multimammate Mice

Mastomys natalensis

Multimammate Mice Environment

Multimammate mice have similar needs to a Fancy Mice environment. They are much better chewers however, and should not be given plastic. This includes cages, as a multimammate mouse can easily escape from a cage with a plastic base in a very short space of time. Some multimammate mice may never show an interest in chewing, however it is important to understand that if they decide to, out of boredom or any other impulse, that the potential for escape is there.

A good guideline for cage size for a pair of multimammates is 80 x 40cm. An old fish tank with a homemade mesh lid can work well for multimammates, providing you give enough climbing opportunities and have a varied cage layout.

Multimammate mice are very active and do enjoy wheels. If giving plastic wheels, remove if there is any sign of chewing. Your wheel should be solid-based and large enough that your pets can run without an arched back.