Rescue Hub

Did you know there are rescues that deal solely in rodents? the sheer quantity of pet shop, unethical breeders, and feeder breeders combined with the general poor care and disposable culture mean they need rescue help more than most animals.

Rodents in rescue can come in any age, colour or species and are vastly rewarding. Unwanted litters frequently need homes so you can still get your rodents as pups, have a family group, or get to know a slightly older animal. Coming from a good rescue, they are far more likely to be well socialised and should have rescue backup for their entire lives.

  • Bernard (African Pygmy Hedgehog)

    Bernard sadly had one of his feet chewed off by his mum when he was a hoglet and was handed to a lady involved in rescue; Crittery has now adopted him. His missing foot doesn't seem to bother him at all! He is a very curious, slightly huffy, little man.

    Bernard the African Pygmy Hedgehog
  • Jemima and Bubbles (Fancy rats)

    Together with their sister Loretta, these two girls were handed into Scritches Rat and rodent rescue after their owner could no longer look after them. After a brief stop at Crittery, they went onwards to a loving new home where they are now enjoying plenty of scritches and attention!

    Bubbles the Rat
  • George (African Pygmy Dormouse)

    George and his brother Roo were handed into rescue following a fallout with their group. George has half his tail left, Roo sadly has none. This doesn't affect the agile little creatures though, and they have both now been homed separately to mouse-lovers and are enjoying huge vivariums with plenty of food and toys!

    George the African Pygmy Dormouse
  • George (Fat-tailed gerbil)

    George was 6 months when his owner unfortunately moved and was unable to take him with them. Crittery fostered him on behalf of Scritches Rat and Rodent Rescue. He has now found a lovely new home, with plenty of time to freerange!

    George the Duprasi
  • Steppe Lemming colony

    The owner sadly had to rehome this colony due to moving home. Due to their age, they were kept as permanent residents at Crittery where they brought much amusement!

    The Steppe Lemming Colony
  • Nova (Mongolian Gerbil)

    Nova was born into a loving home environment, who hadn't realised their pet shop had given them a male and female! He never grew as big as most gerbils and was incredibly active. His nickname was the mental midget!

    Nova the Mongolian Gerbil
  • Hamsters (Hybrids)

    Despite a terrible start to life, these girls developed friendly, lovely personalities. They were fostered at Crittery until they found loving forever homes.

    The Hybrid Hamster girls
  • Fancy Mice

    These boys came from a mixed sex group that came into rescue. They have since been neutered and rehomed with a harem of girls!

    Rescue fancy mice